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That Was Then, This Is Dumb

Rants, Rablings, and Rubbish

31 January 1984
So yeah, I've got my creative writing degree. This pretty much means I'll be working tech support for the next 65 years or unless I can find a rich husband (Mom would prefer blonde hair and blue eyes). I'm 25 and made the discovery that drinking legally isn't nearly as fun as doing it when you're underage.

I'm a DDR fan, although I'm not fantastic at it. In a competition with 30 people on light and standard mode, I came in 17th. My best songs are Break Down, Morning Glory, Centerfold, and In the Heat of the Night.

I'm an animal lover and outside of the family cat, dog, and fish, I'm the mommy of a gerbil girl. I've also got a kitty of my own now, a pretty little calico girl named Zumi.

I can't get over the fact that the US has been incapable of putting out a decent cartoon since the early 90s so everything I watch animation wise is either from the 80s or 90s or from Japan.

Musically, I can sing well enough to leave glass intact and to pull off a B+ in a vocal class. I'll listen to almost anything as long as it isn't rap or club music. I'm not a fan of country but there are some songs that get to me after awhile.

That's me...basically.