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Yearly update

I just realized that in exactly five months from today, I'm going to be a married woman.  Despite the headaches dealing with catering, a cake, his family, and planning a wedding in NY while living in NV, it hasn't really become real for me.

I have my wedding dress hanging in our closet and I keep unzipping the bag to look at it just to remind myself that it's actually happening.  After so many years of dealing with Steve getting divorced, everything is finally set in stone and we have a church, priest, and reception hall.

We're hoping that not long after we get back from NY, that we're going to be redoing our finances and see about getting into a small house out here.  The market isn't as low as it was five years back but you can still find three bed, two bath relatively new construction with a pool and hot tub included for about 150K or less.  I'm pretty much dealing with the fact that I think we're going to be out here long term.  With my manager salary, it's just too much to toss away and start again at the bottom.  Steve just started working at the same place and since his campaign is on such a hiring ramp, there are plenty of open management spots there as well so we're hoping that he can move up quickly as well.  If he's able to, we might be seeing the first bit of financial stability we've had since we left NY.  Either way, I'm tired of having people on all sides of me and having to listen to their horrible bass or arguments through the walls and throwing money away towards renting something I'll never own.

Plus we have a dog now and she needs a yard.  We were going to wait until we were set in a house but I think our biological clocks started ticking and instead of yelling "BABY" they were both yelling "PUPPY".

So now we have Sophie, a two year old black lab/chow mix who's quiet, happy, and loves nothing more than snoozing on the couch.  She fits in with our life almost too well.  We tried the puppy thing but with both of us working full time, we just didn't have time to work with her enough and neither of us believes in crating dogs.  It got to the point with the puppy that we just weren't enjoying her and the longer we kept her, the more obvious it was.  We ended up taking her back to the shelter knowing that the longer we tried, the more attached she was getting to us and the harder it would be for her to adjust to a new family.  We checked up on her through the website and she was readopted less than three days later.  We realized that the internal clocks needed to be adjusted to "DOG" instead of "PUPPY" so we went back and found Sophie.  We got it right the second time.  Now we just want to give her a yard to run around in and set down some roots somewhere, even if our final intention is to move back to NY. 


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